Does it feel like a sauna in here? It sure does in our Almost Heaven Saunas. Join the many people who are discovering the many health benefits of the sauna experience. Saunas create a steamy atmosphere of temperatures to 180°F increasing your overall circulation and opening your pores for a body detoxifying effect. Sauna bathing will even relieve aches and pains of arthritis and will help you burn off those unwanted calories. Our saunas come in many shapes and sizes to small and cozy to the large barrel style.


Infrared Saunas

Instant heat and relaxation can be felt through this carbon fiber infrared sauna. Studies have shown that a mere 30 minutes in this 1,600 watt carbon fiber heating element/120v sauna can burn upwards of 600 calories. Infrared saunas create the same rays that come from the sun–without the UV radiation. Other benefits include detoxification, pain relief, improved circulation and skin purification.  Interior/exterior controls allow operation of the sauna with ease.  The interior is composed of an oxygen generator, 2 canopy lights, LED lights, 1 hemlock backrest, side window and is MP3 ready, fully equipped with two speakers & oxygen generator.

Two Person Sauna